Frequently Asked Questions

Why should my company destroy documents?

It's the law. You can't just throw confidential documents away anymore. Breaking the law could jeopardize your company's future. Plus shredding your sensitive documents helps ensure that sensitive information doesn't end up in a competitor's hands.

What items do you destroy?

There are a wide variety of media that contain confidential information that you should destory before disposing of.


Paper or Printed Media of any kind - including books, architectural plans, manuals, product literature, etc. 

IT and Electronic Media

Hard Drives, CD/DVD ROMS's, Magnetic Tapes, Digital, Flash Media, Optical Media, Magnetic Storage Devices


Microfilm or Microfiche and X-Rays

Plastic Materials

Pill Bottles, Giveaway Items, Toys, etc.  If it's plastic, we can shred it too.

Excess Product / Bad Product Runs / Recalled Products

We can shred almost any product you may want to securely destroy.  Call one of our Destruction Consultants for more information.

How long must I keep documents before they can be destroyed?

Laws vary depending on the type of document and your legal jurisdiction.  Please work with your legal representative for direction on your destruction timelines.

Is a schedule necessary?

Piranha Paper Shredding destruction services can be set up with a regular pick up time or we'll accommodate your seasonal and one-time needs.

Why not just get our own shredder?

Add up the "real cost'" of shredding all of your sensitive information in-house and you'll discover that Piranha can do it for less. Add up the hourly wage of your employee plus the cost of shredder replacement and repair and it is clear.

Piranha will save you money and won't have to worry about whether your materials are properly destroyed or by who.  We also recycle your material in order to help the environment.

How do I know my documents were destroyed?

Customers can watch destruction personally via a monitor. A DVD of the off-site destruction of your materials is available upon request. A Certificate of Destruction is issued for all materials destroyed by Piranha.

How secure is your service?

As NAID AAA Certified Company, Piranha Paper Shredding adheres to strict industry standards and undergoes unannounced audits to ensure our compliance. For your protection, our employees go through a thorough background check, drug screening and are bonded and insured.  We go above and beyond and are also covered by a Professional Liability Insurance Policy  - Downstream Data Coverage.   Regular and random drug screenings and background checks are performed quarterly.

What happens to my documents after they are destroyed?

To help protect the environment, the shredded materials are recycled after destruction. The shredded material is shipped mill direct and is then pulp and deinked by the paper mill and turned into the new product.

How do I figure out a schedule?

It's easy. Piranha offers a free analysis of your document destruction needs. We'll set up a plan to suit your needs.

What about payment?

We accept checks, and all major credit cards. Qualified customers can arrange a billing schedule.  You can pay your invoices right online.

Do you charge for containers?

No. Containers are included free for regularly scheduled service.

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