Document Destruction Services

Piranha provides a variety of fast, professional shredding services to meet your needs. You can choose to use either our Off-site Document Destruction Service at our facility, or have us come to your business with our On-site Document Destruction Service. No matter your choice, Piranha Paper Shredding guarentees our compliance and your security.

Off-site Document Destruction

We'll pick up your documents at your site, load them into our secured truck and transport them to our protected facility where they will be shredded.

On-site Document Destruction

Our self-contained truck will shred your material at your site. You can witness the destruction process right at your location.

Purges/Clean Outs

For annual, one-time or occasional documents destruction needs, give us a call. Choose off-site or on-site for your destruction needs.


We can arrange a regular pickup schedule for your destruction needs.


Bring your materials to our secure New Berlin or Neenah facility for NAID AAA Certified Destruction.

Free Analysis

After evaluating your secure destruction needs, we’ll set up a plan that works for you.

Tamper-proof Collection Containers

Provided free of charge for use at your facility.

Certificate of Destruction

Provided at no additional charge with every pickup.

Hard Drive Destruction

We can destroy your hard drives to ensure that your information will not get into the wrong hands and to keep you compliant. We can destroy them according to NAID Specifications at our plant facility; destroy them with our mobile shredding hard drive truck; or destroy them in your actual office with our desktop Hard Drive Destroyer.

Non-Paper Media

Do you have CD’s, DVD’s, Magnetic Back-Up Tapes, and Flash Media like Cell Phones or Tablets that you need securely destroyed? We can also take care of these types of media at our state-of-the-art facility.

Micro Media (Microfiche or Microfilm)

Do you have Microfiche or Microfilm that you need to securely destroy? Don’t worry, Piranha Paper Shredding can handle it. Microfiche and Microfilm needs to be granulated or pulverized and we have the specific equipment needed in order to ensure it meets NAID specifications. This type of media needs to be destroyed to a particle size of 1/8” maximum dimension or less.

Product Destruction

We offer comprehensive destruction of discontinued, recalled or obsolete products, manufacturing overruns, packaging and more. Outsource your destruction in our high-security facility.

After evaluating your secure destruction needs, we’ll set up a plan that works for you.

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