Records Management

Employee records, Credit records, and Education records are all equal in the eyes of the law.

Human Resources departments have files full of employee records, and interestingly, many HR professionals are unaware of the details of the Privacy Act. In fact, even something as seemingly benign as education records fall under the Privacy Act. More and more, records are not just about maintaining information on products, people and processes. A simple sheet of paper could cause irreparable damage.

When companies relocate or when employees move offices, keeping records secure is challenging. This is a time when staff is encouraged to “go green,” and it’s also one of the riskiest times for a business. Discussing security risks like these, among others, helps us formulate the right approach for your business. Simple steps can help you preserve the integrity of your records management system while still meeting your “green” goals

Certified Privacy Plus

Piranha Paper Shredding has now acquired PRIVACY+ Certification. We strive to give the best records management solutions to our clients. This certification is our guarantee that keeping your records secure and private is our top priority.

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